Securita | Insurance Services
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Most effective way to issue your policies the proper way.


Most effective way to amend your cover for better protection.

Risk Management

Most effective way to know the risk you need to ensure.

Claims Assistance

Most effective way to get your claims in full.

About Us

We offer insurance consultancy and risk management services in the Middle East and across the Gulf region. The main aim behind our services is to provide our Clients with the best available consultation on their insurance portfolios and help them get the widest covers and utmost protection through working closely with local and international insurers and Reinsurers.

Created to safeguard your interests and ensure continuity of your business!

We are ethically committed to providing our customer base with the most effective insurance solutions and widest insurance policies possible, whilst trying to maintain the most aggressive prices that we can obtain from the local and international insurance markets. Your business will not be jeopardized by a major claim to your assets, stock or manpower when insuring through us. You will be able through the services we provide, to survive major disasters and ensure that your business will still run irrespective of your losses, however, big they are.

Our Mission

To offer outstanding technical support and comprehensive insurance solutions to individuals, organizations and insurance companies, by following a meticulous process in assessing each customer needs.

Our Vision

To be the company that best understands people and help them live in a safer, more thriving environment.


  • Securita is managed by a team of expert insurance professionals and practitioners.
  • Our management is highly experienced and familiar with insurance of the major mega contracts ac-ross the Gulf Region.
  • Our managers and team have worked on major risks in war zones and unstable areas such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Why Choose Us?

1. We offer a more personalized professional and technically superior service that protects you better.

2. We draft your insurance policies based on the appropriate conditions and extensions, we deem necessary, in view of the nature of your business and the risks involved.

3. We help you save on insurance costs whilst maintaining for you the widest covers possible.